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Answers in Genesis - Answers in Genesis is an apologetics ministry, dedicated to defending the truth in the Bible from the very first verse. They are also the ones behind the popular Creation Museum and the future Ark Encounter, under construction at the time of this writing.

The Kingdom of Arrethtrae - Chuck Black is an author of over a dozen books and wrote the allegoric book series to the Bible, “The Kingdom Series.” He has also authored “The Knights of Arrethtrae” series and the trilogy “Wars of the Realm.” Most of our videos are based on his books.

Bible Study Fellowship - A worldwide Bible study that consists of an eight year study cycle. BSF is currently studying the book of Revelation this year.

Burns Family Studios - This family film company can be credited with originally sparking our interest in movies with their film “Pendragon, Sword of His Father.” Their latest action-adventure film, “Beyond the Mask,” is absolutely incredible and we were blessed to be involved in the promotion of the film in our own local city.

JumpStart3 - A Christian band that creates Scripture memory verses, and these are not your typical memory verse songs! Highly energetic and upbeat, these songs will have you dancing as you learn the Word of God through the powerful medium of music.
Their song “1 Peter 3:15 (Always Be Prepared)” was featured in our film, “The Final Stand.”

Kendrick Brothers - The Kendrick brothers are the creators of some of the most successful Christian movies of all time, including their latest Courageous. Their latest film, “War Room,” is now available on DVD.

ShatterPoint Entertainment - This film company is the one that sparked our interest in stop-motion and got us started. They have an amazing 30 minute award-winning film entitled “Jericho, The Promise Fulfilled.”

Because of Jesus Blog - The official blog of Nathaniel Mervar. The blog’s sole purpose is to point people to Jesus through thought-provoking, solid Biblical posts.