Because of Jesus Films

“What is truth?
Agent 316 has been part of the Agency for many years. His quick whit and tact have made him one of the most successful agents in the Agency.
Yet, when the Agency sends him on an unusual mission, he is challenged to reevaluate what he has come to believe is truth.”

Filmed and edited in seven days. Shot on location in Florida, Georgia, and Indiana.

Created for the Adam Young Scores Film Contest.

Directed, Edited, and Written by Nathaniel Mervar
Co-Director - Katelyn Mervar
On Set Assistant - Sarah Mervar

Agent 316 - Isaiah Mervar
Contact Agent and Bible Smuggler - Christopher Mervar
Assistant Bible Smuggler - Katelyn Mervar
Transport Agent - Nathaniel Mervar

“The law from your mouth is more precious to me than thousands of pieces of silver and gold.” -Psalm 119:72

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